You should expect to be timetabled full-time every day except Wednesdays when you will normally be finished by 1.00pm. Where there are gaps in your timetable you should expect to use this time to prepare for seminars and conduct your own reading.

If you are intending to undertake paid work in addition to your studies, please ensure this does not compromise your engagement with the course.

The draft full timetable will can be accessed online through Student Central once online registration is completed. Please be aware that, prior to Welcome Week, there will be changes made to the time and date of seminars or lectures and what you see in August cannot be considered ‘set in stone’.

If you have any ‘care’ responsibilities and need to make arrangements well in advance please contact Course Leader Jodi Roffey-Barentsen in early September.

Further information about the timetable, including how it is managed, how to access it on your phone etc. will be provided in Welcome Week.



The term dates for the Primary Education students are the standard University term (and semester dates):

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