Programme team’s welcome

Dr Jodi Roffey-Barentsen
Programme Leader

On behalf of the programme team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the BA (Hons) Early Childhood Education and Care programme at the University of Brighton.

Whilst on the course you will develop a critical understanding of the complex nature and aims of early childhood education and care, as well as a critical understanding of child development, with consideration of cultural, geographical, social, economic and political contexts and how these influence individual development. You will become critically reflective thinkers, able to examine and analyse theory, policy, research and placement-based experiences in early childhood contexts with ethical consideration. Children’s rights, inclusive practice and the promotion of equal opportunities within early childhood education and care contexts will be explored. Furthermore, you will develop an understanding of how to work collaboratively and form mutually respectful relationships with others, including parents, carers, and a variety of interdisciplinary professionals.

We value working with all of our students and are committed to making your time here enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and relevant to your future career choices in the diverse field of Early Years Education and Care.

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