Join us for the second Radical Futures Housing Forum

On Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 3.00pm-6.00pm

At the University of Brighton, Room G4, Grand Parade Main Building, Brighton, BN2 0JY

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What knowledge can we share about the housing situation in Brighton and Hove?

What do we not know and need to find out?

This Housing Forum will focus on collating existing knowledge about the housing situation in Brighton and Hove. We will focus discussion around some of the key themes identified in the first forum: homelessness; the private rented sector; alternative forms of housing; local policy and planning; the national picture; and the housing needs of marginalised groups. Please come prepared to talk about any resources and research that you would like to share. We aim to collate this information to create an online resource centre to support those thinking about housing in the city. We will also identify what gaps there are in our knowledge and work out what research is needed most urgently to support community led efforts to tackle the housing crisis.

We’ll set up an information table to collate flyers, leaflets and general resources for people to take away. Feel free to bring along information from your group to add to this space


Housing Forum Launch


Thank you to everyone for making the launch of the Housing Forum such a success. It was great to get together people and groups from across to city to talk about one of the most urgent issues we face as a community.

On the evening we collectively decided to focus our initial conversations on local policy and community voices; the conditions and affordability of the private rented sector; home, housing and belonging; empty rooms and properties; the national political context; and the housing needs of marginalised and excluded groups.  Out of these discussions, the following recommendations were made to take the Housing Forum forward:

  • Make the Housing Forum a regular event.
  • Develop ways to allow participants to communicate between Forums.
  • Work to involve marginalised voices in discussion.
  • Investigate ways to better support students in the private rented sector.
  • Collate and share existing resources and research on the housing situation in the city.
  • Conduct research to fill in our gaps in knowledge.
  • Support initiatives to give communities a voice in housing developments.
  • Build links with other universities who have expertise in housing.
  • Explore non-market forms of housing provision.
  • Investigate empty spaces and properties in the city.

We will take these ideas forward in our next meetings. The next Housing Forum will be on Wednesday 20th June. We will focus on collating and sharing existing resources and research on the housing situation in the city and identifying what gaps there are our knowledge.

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Symposium: Friday 8 June 2018, 10-5:30pm

A right to home: responding to the housing crisis

This symposium aims to bring together early career and established researchers of housing inequality across the UK to explore the concept of a right to home from different perspectives. The event will provide a space to explore the global and historical interconnections of the housing crisis and its localised consequences on the social formation of home across the UK.

For further information and registration

Launch event: Monday 30 April 2018, 5:30pm-8pm

What kind of research will support the work that you or your organisation are doing? What do we not know about the housing situation in the city? What forms of evidence are needed to support new initiatives and policy reform? How can we help develop new building and design solutions? How can students be accommodated in a way that benefits the city?

Join us for our launch event to help identify how the university can best support community led efforts to tackle the local housing crisis.

The event is free, but places are limited, so please register here.


The Radical Futures Housing Forum brings together academics, community organisations and policymakers to study the crisis in Brighton and to develop innovative local solutions. Drawing on the work of architects, designers, historians, political theorists, sociologists, lawyers, engineers and others, we aim to develop interdisciplinary projects which map and document the housing situation in the city, explore the ways in which cities around the world have responded to the housing crisis and imagine new ways in which housing might be designed and organised in the future.