October 11

‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale: Nabs 16.5M Viewers

The medieval fantasy epidemic that grabbed our attention worldwide with thunderous adventure, death, destruction, and unleashed evil: G.o.T

Now earning the attention of 16.5 million of us, worldwide. It’s hard to believe back in 2011, when the show was first created, it was dismissed by SKY as ‘not for them’.

G.o.T features the fictional continents of Westeros first produced by DDB based in New Zealand, DDB strategically took on the project of plastering G.o.T worldwide; utilised Brandwatch analytics to listen to conversations around the series. DDB thrived on the market conversations, the public found a mutual hatred of the arrogant King Joffrey.

Soon enough, the series was recognised internationally, through repeated coverage. Exciting and engaging campaigns were launched to keep audiences captured in the fantasy world, conversations soon skyrocketed once the power of a tweet came to fruition. Fans used few words and pictures with the hashtag; #bringdowntheking to alter the storyline, eventually, in true media fashion, giving the fans what they wanted: the gruesome execution of the evil king was aired.



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