Podiatry graduate to NHS Chief Executive

Siobhan Melia, awarded a degree in podiatry by the University of Brighton 21 years ago spoke to health care graduates at the university’s summer awards ceremony at the Brighton Centre last week, on Wednesday 26 July.

The Chief Executive of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust said she is humbled every day by her colleagues’ strive to go “above and beyond” for patients.

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Centre for Health Research (CHR) celebration of research event

There is a first rate “line-up” of speakers, including the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Debra Humphris; Dr Will Farr from the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust; the Head of School, Professor Paula Kersten; Professor Kate Galvin; 20 staff presentations (oral and poster presentations), and welcome addresses from Dr Kay de Vries and Professor Phil Ashworth. Also, there will be excellent networking opportunities not only at the post-conference reception but also during coffee and lunch breaks (refreshments and lunch will be provided free of charge).

If you would like to join us on 1st July, and in order to help us make arrange-ments for the refreshments and lunch we would ask you to please register by following the Eventbrite link below:

http://www.eventbrite.com/e/chrshs-1st-july-2016-research-event-tickets-25238602339 Please indicate your role and the department/School where you are based within the University.  This event is not open to members of the public.