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Taylor Morris with a team mate

Taylor’s dream to join the England Deaf Rugby Team

An England Deaf Rugby player and School of Health Sciences student is looking for sponsorship to help him join a team tour of South Africa.

Taylor Morris, 24 and studying Physiotherapy BSc(Hons), is appealing for funds “because the sport isn’t well funded at the moment as not many people know about it”.

Taylor Morris with a team mate

Taylor Morris (right)

Taylor has raised more than £500 but needs another £1,000 for the tour between 1 and 12 May this year.

Taylor, who lives in Worthing, told the West Sussex Gazette: “It would mean everything to me to be able to go on this tour, not just because it will be a tour of a lifetime, but it’s also a chance to promote deaf rugby as well.”

Taylor was born with a deformity, which meant he had no eardrum/hole in my right ear, but he has normal hearing in my left ear.

He said: “You don’t have to be completely deaf to play for the England deaf team, but you have to at least have half your hearing lost to be able to qualify.”

Taylor has been playing rugby since he was 16 and plays for the University of Brighton first team.

Of his course, he said: “It’s been good. I sit on the right side of the class so I can hear better and if I have any questions or miss anything the lecturers are more than happy to go through it with me and they have been amazingly supportive.”

To help Taylor go to his ‘gofundme’ page

Taylor running with the ball in an England game

Taylor running with the ball in an England game

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Kerry Burnett • January 6, 2020

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