Joint initiative to develop educational podcasts for older people

Tracy Szekely, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy and Sarah-Jane Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy have been involved with a Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex funded project which is developing educational podcasts for members of the multidisciplinary team (MDTea!) who work with older people.  The podcasts will cover a wide range of topics for example incontinence, delirium management, capacity and rehabilitation.   The team is led by 2 East Surrey Geriatricians and includes representatives from nursing, pharmacy and the academic health science network as well as Tracy and Sarah-Jane for the University.

You can link to the first podcast here:

Please have a listen, sign up if it’s of interest to you, you can like us on our facebook page: MDtea podcast or follow us on twitter @MDTea_podcast


Channine Clarke   01273 643771

Tracy Szekely       01273 643947

Sara Hadland       01273 643873


Source: Occupational Therapy newsletter – February 2016

Channine Clarke, Principal Lecturer and Tracy Szekely, Senior Lecturer

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