Final film: Mocking David

For this project I wanted to work on creating a short Film, it’s something I have never done before apart from the GIF’s I have started to make while being on this course. These GIF’s become work I enjoyed and wanted to develop further. I never worked on premier pro or after  effects so this project has been a learning experience for me.


The film itself is on a topic that I am passionate about. The film  is mocking the industries idea of the “ideal body”. The pressure it puts on men and woman to feel like there body isn’t good enough. Claiming that body parts can be in or out fashion: collar bones, larger or small breast, six packs etc. The nature has a toxic stigma attached  to it as it causes a negative relationship with the body and how we wear clothes. This could affect mental health, causing depression or eating disorders. The world be live in is superficial with constant streams of social media coming through our phones it’s hard not the been affected by this problem

Inspiration for this film

In my sketch book I have explored multiple artist and the biggest inspiration was Sarah Lucas who used tights to create sculptes. I also explored the idea Barbie installs on the younger children.

Making the film

The film was created by taking bursts of photos that I would put together on Photoshop and edit to create a final moving image created from stills. I also used after affects to turn a still image to a moving image.


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