Raf Simons SWOT & PESTAL




·        Popular brand


·        Simons is well created for Being Director of Jill Sander,             Dior and Now Calvin Klein.


·        Unique selling point – quirky and youth designs

·        Background in Architectu



Create more varied collection for men and woman.


·        Unisex Brand


·        2019 colletion.



·      Only known for make clothes for men


·        Limited Demographic





·        As Simons is currently is director of Calvin Klein he could lose his market for his own brand.


·        Brexit could affect trade and business


·        Hight street brands copying and making cheaper alternatives





PESTEL Analysis Possible Effects on the Sub-brand Raf



The cost of the products due to the exchange rates changing an effect of leaving the European Union as wel as affect trade across Europe and other countries due to uncertainty.

Donald Trump Becoming the president of the United States caused a lot of controversy which lead to a woman’s march across the world on the 21st of January



Employing employees to make collection paying at an ethical rate.

Cost of launching new Campaign, meaning new branding and advertisement.



Hiring popular models to wear and support the brand to increase audience awareness.

Creating a launch event for the new sub brand with famous endorsement to post on social media

Using the woman march supports to follow the brand.



Social media endorsement from celebrates and models (Instagram)

Create own social media on the launch of the brand showing campaign photos.

Website linked on social media to sell the new collection.



The increase of the minimum wage would have made an impact to the profits the store makes.

Check the licencing of the sub brand name to check it isn’t already copyrighted.

Licence the Name “Construct Structure” to stop copyright issue



Limited supply of brand, isn’t overly made decreasing pollution and wastage.

Fabric cut to decrease fabric wastage.

Fabric dyed and treated safely.


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