Construct Structure

“The construct structure brands target was for women to have the confidence to be as strong as the building built in their cities.”

“Construct Structure was the Sub-brand I created for Raf Simons for the PR project, the idea for this venture came when I noticed that there was an open market in his collections for a Woman’s wear suit collection.”


My Manifesto main objective for the collection “Woman to be a strong as the building in their cities” was developed from this theme of Architecture which I created with the structured tailoring in the suits.

“The worldwide woman’s march protest that happened on January 21st due to American president Trump was large Political Influence for this Collection.”

“The final look of the brand was minimalist yet youthful which I showed through simple Graphics that I designed in my Look book.”



“Throughout this PR project points, I have learnt was the realisation of the need for sub brand to expand a bran’s market audience to evolve to fit the current environmental changes that are happening in the world socially.”

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