Case Study – GOT

Game of Thrones. The most watched tv show around the world, overtaking some well renound ones, such as The Walking Dead and Narcos as it flies to the top of the list. Some people would argue that it should not be there, but with a fan base that wide, there must be something which they are doing right. There had been a huge wait for the fans, as there’s atleast a year between each season and they always leave questions unanswered to draw the viewers back. The thing is, its not just people tuning in on Monday nights to watch it, it’s talked about all over social media, with a recorded 800,000 interactions from their social campaign, and reached a massive 43 million people across 168 different countries. In New Zealand, there is one major TV broadcasting service, SKY, who in this campaign have worked together with the countries leading and most influential advertising group, DDB. With two strong powers like this, it makes sense for their Game of Thrones campaign to be a great success, but it is not always a walk in the park. SKY have a 49.4% market penetration in their home country of New Zealand, but have the exclusive rights to GoT in New Zealand, so by working with DDB, they are trying to convince the rest of their people that it is worth signing up.

So we have these two powerhouses of New Zealand working together but there will innevitably still be problems. Firstly, I would say that the show itself is quite niche, even if it is the biggest one in the world, and not everybody is into that kind of entertainment, with regular scenes which I would be uncomfortable watching with my mum. How can you convince people to watch something they don’t like, even if the advertisements are crafted to perfection. However, when it comes from per say, a close friends mouth, there is much more reason to give it a chance, as chances are you trust your friends. So, they accomplished this by the social media campaign, culminating in ‘#bringdowntheking’ where people were more and more vocal about king Joffrey and their hate for him. It felt like some of the power was transferred to the people as their wishes eventually came true and the king was killed, but social media mentions of GoT had gone through the roof, and this was monitored by Brandwatch.

Brandwatch is one of the worlds leading social media monitoring and analytical tools, which allowed these two companies to see how their campaign was going, and enables them to analyse that information which they have picked up, meaning they can see new opportunities as they come up.

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