Lab Members


Dr. Graham Sheridan  (Principal Investigator)

Senior Lecturer in Neuropharmacology

School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences,

University of Brighton



Current Research Team:


María Velasco  (PhD student)

Project: Investigating the role of mechanosensitive channels in CNS development and disease.

Synopsis: I investigate the roles of stretch-activated ion channels in glial cells, both in brain development and neuroinflammatory diseases. In recent years, the importance of mechanobiology and mechanotransduction in the CNS has become more apparent, but the mechanisms by which glial cells sense mechanical cues and transduce them into biochemical signals within cells, still remains unclear. I aim to uncover how mechanical signals are sensed by astrocytes in both the healthy and inflamed brain and if targeting stretch-activated channels will lead to new therapeutics for diseases like Multiple Sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease. 


** in collaboration with Prof. Kumlesh Dev, Trinity College Dublin**






Myrthe Mampay (PhD student)

Project: Investigating the effects of breast cancer and psychological stress on the epigenome of hippocampal neurons.


** in collaboration with Melanie Flint and Mark Yeoman, University of Brighton**






Chloe Hall (PhD student)

Project: Mechanobiology of the ageing and neurodegenerating brain


** in collaboration with Emad Moeendarbary, UCL; Mark Yeoman and Marcus Allen University of Brighton**





Daniela Magalhães (PhD student)

Project: Rescuing social isolation-induced depressive behaviour and epigenetic modifications of hippocampal and cortical neurons.

Synopsis: I investigate the detrimental effects of Social Isolation in hippocampal and prefrontal cortical neurons. Social isolation causes psychosocial stress and can initiate/ exacerbate anxiety and depression. I aim to modulate the interaction between circulating leukocytes and the brain’s resident immune system by inhibiting the migration of stressed and inflammatory T cells through the blood brain brain (BBB). The aim is to promote cognitive resilience or decrease anxiety-like behaviour.


 ** in collaboration with Claudia Valente, iMM Lisboa***




Helena Isla (MRes in Biomedical Sciences)

Project: Investigating AMPAkine signalling in glial cells.

Synopsis: I study the effects of nootropics on astrocytes and microglia. The aim of my project is to investigate if AMPAkines, like Sunifiram, enhance cognition and synaptic plasticity through modulating neuron-glial signalling.







Robert Goode 

(MSc student)

Estefany Jaimes-Caceres 

(MSc student)

Eirini Fakoureli 

(Erasmus+ Internship – University of Crete, Greece)

Marta Corominas 

(Erasmus+ Internship – University of Vic, Spain)



Núria Liñan Barba

(Erasmus+ programme – University of Barcelona, Spain)

Purvika Patel

(MSc student)



Helen Hudson

(MSc student)

Veronika Karlsson 

(Erasmus+ programme – University of Gothenburg, Sweden)