About SDB


Welcome to SDB!*
If you’ve just realised you like beer, or are befuddled by where on earth to get started, welcome to the life raft!
On this blog I will be sharing my knowledge, as I gather it, about the craft beer movement that’s been gaining fast momentum across the globe over the last few years, and more specifically it’s budding Brighton scene.
I’m lucky enough to work at the Bier Haus which gives me easy access to a great selection of cracking pre-vetted beers and also some of the most knowledgeable people around!
Beer is one of those things that people can get a little snobbish about, and although I’m no expert, I say drink what you like and if someone else thinks it’s rubbish, they don’t have to drink it.
There is, however, a lot to be said for getting to grips with some of the basics, as it will help you find out what it is that you actually like. So I hope that this blog can help you get started by breaking down some of the detail and pulling out the info that you actually need to know to get to grips with what ‘craft beer’ actually is, and how to confidently start exploring exciting, and continually evolving world!
Cheers Ladies!
*She Drinks Beer: named to acknowledge that satisfying ‘Ah-Ha’ moment when you meet another woman and realise with joy: ‘She drinks beer!’
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