Concept Boards – Day of the Dead

Below are my concept boards for the Day of the Dead shoot. I decided to research quite a lot into this because I wasn’t really sure which direction I should go into. For example, whether to stick to the original bright and bold normal day of the dead location or whether to keep it plain and simple and just focus on the different make up styles. Below are my make up and location boards.

Concept Boards – Sunday Blues

Here are my concept boards for our Sunday Blues shoot which focuses on intimacy and how when it gets to the winter months people begin staying in bed longer and wearing warmer clothes and wanting to spend more time with people in cosy environments. The first board represents the location I want to shoot in. The second relates to the clothes I want them to wear and the final one is for the models and lighting.

Antony Gormley Exhibition

Whilst in London, I visited the White Cube Gallery which had the Antony Gormley exhibition on. This mainly looked at space and how to use it and incorporate it into art. I found it an interesting exhibition to go and see because it made me actually think about what I was looking at and why he had done it like that.

Fashion Cities – Africa

This exhibition was on in Brighton and it looked at the African cultures in the different parts of the country. I was really interesting seeing the different fashion styles not only through out the country but compared to our own as well. I found the different textiles and contemporary fashion extremely interesting because of how bright and different they are to other designs and textiles I’ve seen.

William Eggleston Exhibition

For my primary research I went to London and went to a few galleries to see some exhibitions. One being the William Eggleston one which was in the National Portrait Gallery. This meant a lot to me because he has been such a huge inspiration for my work throughout the years, so actually getting to see his work in person was amazing.

Magazine Concept

After being given the brief, we all sat down as a group and began thinking of different ideas and concepts for our magazine. We decided to focus on the seasonal change and make our magazine quarterly so that each issue would fit with whatever season it was. Below is my planning of what would be included in the magazine and where to begin researching.


500 word manifesto for brand analysis.

I decided to begin researching different companies who were sustainable and ethnic. I found a lot of different companies however there were five that really stood out to me. The first one I found was ‘Indigenous’. This company focuses on supporting and preserving fair trade wages and artisans. It is a very eco friendly company who only uses natural, organic fabrics and everything they make is handmade. However, this company’s target audience in my opinion mostly fit with middle aged people because their clothes were quite mature and they are very expensive. I then found ‘Nomads’. This company had the same values as Indigenous, however due to this company having an interest in the Indian culture this showed in their clothes because they had a very bohemian style compared to the simplistic look that Indigenous had. I then moved onto find ‘Krochet Kids’. As soon as I began researching this company I knew I would focus on it. The thing that interested me most about them is not only their clothes who are aimed at my age group, but the fact that they are a non-profit organization and their sole focus is to “empower people to rise above poverty” and they have statistics and figures of how their company has helped change peoples lives already. I then researched two more businesses which were ‘Mayamiko’ and ‘Symbology’. Again like the other businesses I researched they were quite similar to Nomads for their designs and how they want to preserve the traditional art forms and help artisans.

I decided to focus on Krochet Kids because I didn’t only agree with their ideas but I also liked how they have internships where you can actually go and help out or be a photographer or cinematographer. I also really liked the style of clothes they create, probably because it is aimed at my age group. Then I thought of ways to develop the brand and that is one of the ways. I thought they could try and expand their target audience by creating different clothes for different occasions and also try and experiment with different fibres and textiles. Because at the moment their clothes are quite simple, for example when you compare it to Symbology who have influences from India (block printing), Palestine (weaving) and Native America (embroidery) I think they could try and also adapt these styles into their business. Also when I was doing my research I found that some of their clothes are 100% cotton which is known as one of the most polluting products available, so I researched and found that they could maybe experiment with bamboo and spiders silk or other materials like that which don’t harm the environment. However, the only problem with this is they are either difficult to get hold of or too expensive, especially for a non-profit organization. But they could do more promoting of their business and hold fundraising events to try and get more finance to try these ideas.


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