Fibre-Based Composites: Artist Research

Nava Lubelski

Nava’s work is extremely interesting because she combines destruction and rebirth by using different techniques to reassemble her work. I like the techniques and colours she uses in her work, because initially you think its just a painting or stains on her materials. But then you look closer and you see that its all done with a purpose. I will possibly use this technique as experimentation when creating my own work.

Fibre-Based Composites


Fibre: A filament or thread-like cell of animal, vegetable or mineral origin, natural or synthetic.

Composite: Something made up of distinct parts or diverse elements.

Composites consist of two or more distinct elements – Organics, Metals, Polymers or Ceramics or ‘Composites’.

Our brief is to look at how paper works, how it tears, how it folds, how different weights make paper transparent, have ‘scrunchability’, or not or how the translucent and the see through affects your work. We are also looking at developing a focused portfolio of work that explores through text, illustrations, experimentation, maquette’s and samples that can relate to my own personal practice.


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