Fashion Story – Arcade


Here is our fashion story. I think this was a interesting and fun project which helped me develop my group skills and also gave me a change from what I usually focus on when doing projects. The only thing I would change about our fashion story is I would be more selective about the images, because I think theres quite a lot of photographs which can be quite overwhelming. But overall I think this was a successful assignment.

My Personal Edits

IMG_8419 copycp IMG_8434 copy  IMG_84500 copy

These edits are influenced by Jacek Narkielun and his ‘Neon Girls’. To create these I first edited them in Adobe Lightroom, and selected a high contrast preset. I then opened it in Adobe Photoshop and adjusted the curves to create a cross process effect and then added a gradient layer to create a neon type effect on the image.

IMG_8497-2 IMG_8508 copy IMG_8509 copy IMG_8510 copy IMG_8526 copy IMG_8537 copy IMG_8543 copy These images were mostly created in Photoshop. I cropped the images down so they were the same size and used the ‘old polar’ preset in Lightroom. I then opened it in Photoshop where I enhanced the contrast and overlaid a gradient layer. I think this collection is successful because I think the gradient adds to the playful, childish theme that I’m going for.

IMG_8549 IMG_8551 IMG_8570 IMG_8577 IMG_8596 IMG_8610

IMG_8622 IMG_8626 IMG_8631 IMG_8646 IMG_8647 copyyy

IMG_8654 IMG_8655 IMG_8703IMG_8695 IMG_8696 IMG_8699 IMG_8701 IMG_8722 IMG_8734 IMG_8751 IMG_8761 IMG_8771 copy

I decided to use a different style of editing for each collection of images. This was so that the magazine wouldn’t look too similar and result in being quite boring and not very eye catching.

Final Photoshoot

IMG_8419 IMG_8434 IMG_8450 IMG_8497 IMG_8508 IMG_8509 IMG_8510 IMG_8526 IMG_8537 IMG_8543

IMG_8549 IMG_8551

IMG_8570 IMG_8577 IMG_8596 IMG_8610

IMG_8622 IMG_8626 IMG_8631 IMG_8646 IMG_8647

IMG_8654 IMG_8655 IMG_8695 IMG_8696 IMG_8699 IMG_8701 IMG_8703 IMG_8722

IMG_8734 IMG_8761 IMG_8771

These are our chosen final photographs for our magazine out of 369 photographs from our final shoot. We stuck with our concept boards and went to Brighton pier and took a variety of images in different locations. The first place we went to was the arcade, we got some very successful shots however we got kicked out of there so had to move on. In my opinion the group photographs were the most successful because the poses were natural and playful, the location emphasised the youthfulness and the lights go with our neon concept which is again what we were going for and finally the styling was grunge mixed with teddy boy. Above are our unedited photographs from our first photoshoot.

Styling – Boys

IMG_8399IMG_8155IMG_8176IMG_8173IMG_8170IMG_8165IMG_8191IMG_8201IMG_8223IMG_8205IMG_8260IMG_8252IMG_8232IMG_8237IMG_8261IMG_8272IMG_8280IMG_8288IMG_8334IMG_8326IMG_8318IMG_8299IMG_8369IMG_8375IMG_8388 These are the styling shots for the boys, to decide which outfits look best. Again, like the girls, we combined teddy boy styles with grunge styles and most of the outfits were successful. In my opinion – IMG_8399 – this is my favourite outfit because it shows influences from both grunge (flannel shirt) and teddy boy (blazer, shirt and tie).

Styling – Girls

IMG_7942IMG_7948IMG_7960IMG_7971IMG_7985IMG_7997IMG_8006IMG_8026IMG_8029IMG_8033IMG_8037IMG_8040IMG_8048IMG_8053IMG_8060IMG_8071IMG_8072IMG_8080IMG_8094IMG_8102IMG_8106IMG_8117IMG_8119IMG_8123IMG_8134 Here are our outfit styling ideas for our final photoshoot for the girls. Some of these outfits were very successful, because they included both the grunge style and also the teddy boy.

For example, with this outfit – IMG_7985 – the shirt and the neck tie were influenced by the teddy boy style where as the tartan leggings and denim jacket were influenced from the grunge style.

Concept Boards

IMG_8497 IMG_8030 IMG_8496

Both Louise and I created a moodboard to brainstorm our ideas for our project. We began by looking round Brighton trying to get different ideas on stereotypes. We noticed there were so many different influences so just picked the two we thought would be the most interesting to combine. These two styles were grunge and teddy boy.

We then began thinking of different ways to edit our final images, and we wanted to somehow include neon into our photographs. Artists such as Dan Flavin, Tracey Emin and Viviane Sassen were highly influential for this part.

Finally, we began thinking about location. Because we had decided quite youthful concepts, we wanted to go for something quite childish and fun. We thought that the best place for our photoshoot would be the arcade or the games on Brighton pier. This was also keeping in theme with our neon concepts, because of the lights on the rides.

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