Metal Collages

For part of my project I decided to focus on the sub genres of metal. To make it more creative and interesting I decided to research band photos relating to the sub genre I chose. Below are the different collages I made for certain sub genres.



Early Metal Collage



Shock Metal Collage



Grunge Collage



New Wave of British Heavy Metal Collage



Punk Collage



Thrash Metal

My Metal Gifs



Here are 4 Gif’s I have created using Photoshop. I decided to focus on the sub-genres of metal and choose the main bands relating to the sub-genre and include them in the Gif. I focused on Early metal, Shock metal, Grunge and New Wave of British Heavy Metal. If you click on the images they will redirect you to the Gif. I couldn’t figure out how to have the Gif working on this page but I will try and sort that out.

History of Heavy Metal

Here is the timeline I have created based on the research I have done. It mentions all the different sub genres and where they have originated from and when they were around until or if they are still around. However I’m sure there are a lot more sub genres that haven’t been mentioned, but these are the most common.

(Click the picture to get a clearer image.)


Metal Fanzine – Thrash’em All – Here is part of a metal fanzine I have been getting inspiration from (pictures below are not in correct order), it is called Thrash’em All #3 (Poland) 1988.

“Thrash’em All #3 (Poland) 1988. Editor: “Mariusz Kmiołek” (in Polish)

Early issue of this pioneering Polish fanzine/magazine. In Polish, but even if you can’t read it, still a cool look into the dedicated, passionate world of the East Bloc underground in the 80’s…I am sure this was not easy to put together. Live reviews, features and interviews with The Great Kat, Running Wild, Holy Terror, Anthrax, Exumer, Satan, Minotaur, Wilczy/Wolf Spider, Merciless Death (POL) Kreon, Raxas, Haron, Metal Mind records, reviews and more…”

live-reviews-poland-kreon-raxas-haron live-reviews-poland-2 holy-terror-2 holy-terror-1 great-kat-2-running-wild great-kat-1 exumer-satan-minotaur editorial-and-news cover anthrax-2 anthrax-1

Zine Idea

For my zine I have decided to focus on the genre ‘metal’. I think this could be such an interesting topic to develop on because there’s so much to talk about for example:

  • the different genres within metal,
  • the different clothing styles to fit these sub genres,
  • the emotional attachments people have and what it does to them and
  • also the lifestyle metal heads live and how it affects them.

I will start off my project by researching metal and the history of it and why it was created. I will then move onto researching different metal fanzines and getting some inspiration from these as to what I should put in my zine and also how it should look

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