500 word manifesto for brand analysis.

I decided to begin researching different companies who were sustainable and ethnic. I found a lot of different companies however there were five that really stood out to me. The first one I found was ‘Indigenous’. This company focuses on supporting and preserving fair trade wages and artisans. It is a very eco friendly company who only uses natural, organic fabrics and everything they make is handmade. However, this company’s target audience in my opinion mostly fit with middle aged people because their clothes were quite mature and they are very expensive. I then found ‘Nomads’. This company had the same values as Indigenous, however due to this company having an interest in the Indian culture this showed in their clothes because they had a very bohemian style compared to the simplistic look that Indigenous had. I then moved onto find ‘Krochet Kids’. As soon as I began researching this company I knew I would focus on it. The thing that interested me most about them is not only their clothes who are aimed at my age group, but the fact that they are a non-profit organization and their sole focus is to “empower people to rise above poverty” and they have statistics and figures of how their company has helped change peoples lives already. I then researched two more businesses which were ‘Mayamiko’ and ‘Symbology’. Again like the other businesses I researched they were quite similar to Nomads for their designs and how they want to preserve the traditional art forms and help artisans.

I decided to focus on Krochet Kids because I didn’t only agree with their ideas but I also liked how they have internships where you can actually go and help out or be a photographer or cinematographer. I also really liked the style of clothes they create, probably because it is aimed at my age group. Then I thought of ways to develop the brand and that is one of the ways. I thought they could try and expand their target audience by creating different clothes for different occasions and also try and experiment with different fibres and textiles. Because at the moment their clothes are quite simple, for example when you compare it to Symbology who have influences from India (block printing), Palestine (weaving) and Native America (embroidery) I think they could try and also adapt these styles into their business. Also when I was doing my research I found that some of their clothes are 100% cotton which is known as one of the most polluting products available, so I researched and found that they could maybe experiment with bamboo and spiders silk or other materials like that which don’t harm the environment. However, the only problem with this is they are either difficult to get hold of or too expensive, especially for a non-profit organization. But they could do more promoting of their business and hold fundraising events to try and get more finance to try these ideas.



Here are my contact sheets for my photoshoot. This was a successful shoot because there was great lighting which let me make the most of the shoot. I managed to do all of the looks that I wanted to create which helped with my time plan.


Contact sheet-1 Contact sheet-6 Contact sheet-2 Contact sheet-3 Contact sheet-5 Contact sheet-4Contact sheet-7

Below are some of my favourite images from the shoot. I thought these were successful because the composition and lighting are interesting and work well with the theme of the image.

IMG_9403 IMG_9421 IMG_9500 IMG_9393 IMG_9363 IMG_9278

Brand Analysis – Krochet Kids


I decided to focus on this brand because I think they’re a really interesting company. They are a non-profit organisation who’s main values are to change the lives and empower people to rise above poverty.

They have workshops in Peru and Uganda, and if you go onto their website ( you can see the impact they have had already. Although their clothes wont appeal to everyone I still think people should know about this company and what they do.

If you go onto their ‘About us’ page there are four different links which explain their story which involves a short video and their backgrounds. The next one is why they are a non-profit organisation, then there are two more links which talk about careers and internships and how you can help. I think this company has great morals and views compared to the other businesses I researched.

IMG_8946-e1456185404945 IMG_9071-e1456186221851 know_who_made_it_03

Final Mood Boards and Colour Boards

Here are my final mood boards and colour board that I have created for my Minimalist Couture trend. To get the right colours for my moodpboard I used the eye dropper tool in Adobe Illustrator and also opened up the Pantone swatch collection so I could get the perfect match. However some of the colours are slightly off but majority of them have a perfect match.





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