Metal Fanzine – Thrash’em All – Here is part of a metal fanzine I have been getting inspiration from (pictures below are not in correct order), it is called Thrash’em All #3 (Poland) 1988.

“Thrash’em All #3 (Poland) 1988. Editor: “Mariusz Kmiołek” (in Polish)

Early issue of this pioneering Polish fanzine/magazine. In Polish, but even if you can’t read it, still a cool look into the dedicated, passionate world of the East Bloc underground in the 80’s…I am sure this was not easy to put together. Live reviews, features and interviews with The Great Kat, Running Wild, Holy Terror, Anthrax, Exumer, Satan, Minotaur, Wilczy/Wolf Spider, Merciless Death (POL) Kreon, Raxas, Haron, Metal Mind records, reviews and more…”

live-reviews-poland-kreon-raxas-haron live-reviews-poland-2 holy-terror-2 holy-terror-1 great-kat-2-running-wild great-kat-1 exumer-satan-minotaur editorial-and-news cover anthrax-2 anthrax-1

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