workshop: coding, wire framing & sitemaps

This week our portfolio session was focused on our digital portfolio, in other words our websites. We were introduced to several free and paid website/ online platforms which could be used to display our creative work. We were also introduced ton how to use coding, how to create a wireframe and how to create a sitemap. These were useful skills to learn and something which will also be a very helpful tool to take with me into when the industry. Below are some of the exercises we were asked to do in written and visual form:

my aims for my online portfolio:

  • A job – Reach out to potential employers
  • Reflect my personal visual style/identity
  • Display my work in a professional and visually engaging format
  • Targets a larger audience
  • To reflect a broad range of creative skills which perhaps I wouldn’t want to show in my physical portfolio

screengrabs of my work on dreamweaver (coding)…



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