week 7

This week I focused my research and time on experiences. In other words, considering my topic and themes explored during this project, I feel it is important to document my work through experience rather than relying on the more typical sources. This is because I believe my topic is something that is more understood through the act of doing.

Therefore, I visited several places this week both inside and out to experience ideas around calm/ slow living/ comfort as well as to gain some inspiration. I began by going to a couple of shops in Brighton – YAK and Workshop Living, alongside the magazine shop and areas outside, including the beach and the quirky streets surrounding Brighton.

YAK is a wool and knitting supplies shop, which sells hand dyed yarns. I felt it was beneficial going here as knitting is something that is often associated with relaxation. It also introduced a few ideas for the wellbeing, mindfulness and yoga pop up event in Dukes Lane, which I am hosting/ organising. The shop itself has a calming and warming atmosphere. As my project is exploring the ideas around comfort, wellbeing, calm, mindfulness etc, I feel it is important to research this through experiences as well as the more typical research I document in my sketchbook.

Workshop Living is a home/interiors/fashion independent store focusing on design with simplicity and functionality. The shop focuses on simple, honest, every day living, without the complications. This is captured through the shops clean and minimal interior/ design and aesthetic as well as the products themselves, which have been carefully selected and created with care and craftsmanship. I was interested not only in the shops visual space but also their values. The shop had a calming feel about it when you walked in, aided by the aromas from the beautiful candles and incense.

Although it is a bit cliche, I also visited the beach to take some photographs of the sea and take in natures beauty, which is lucky enough to be on our doorstep. Similarly to visiting the shops, I find going to see the sea and have a walk along the beach is something I feel can bring a huge amount of peace and calm into my life. When I am feeling anxious and stressed, I often encourage myself to get out of the house and ‘experience’ the calm. Even if I just take 10 minutes of of my day, I can feel a more balanced me!

Alongside this, I also went to the shop Magazine Brighton to have a look at new issues of my favourite magazines and to explore any new/ up and coming publications. I find this a great way to source inspiration and yet again another way of introducing some calm into my life. Whilst I was out and about, I decided to explore some of the streets surrounding this area to spark ideas and explore factors such as colour palettes.

During this week, I also wanted to explore my love for food further. I feel this is something I would like to include in my outcome as I do think it links with the notions around wellbeing, comfort and slow living. I wanted to explore this idea of comfort so I made a homemade celeriac, parsnip and apple soup! The process of making the soup and more typically eating is something I believe is comforting.

Below are some of the photographs I took this week to capture my experiences…





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