This image captures the beginnings of my development in the AD138 project on fashion illustration and imaging. During this workshop we were asked to create 3 magazine layouts using the templates/ grids provided. These were to do with the design principles: contrast, hierarchy and alignment. For the contrast layout I kept to using black and white to create a simple but obviously contrasting design (top left image.) I created layers, simple shapes to create an overall visually pleasing page. For the alignment page I used what I had learnt during the first two layouts to create a successful design. I made sure there was a hero image (girl sitting down), a dominating text (title), smaller images and varied fonts to accentuate this hierarchy as well as contrasting colours and balance (contrasts, connections, movement.) The final layout capture the hierarchy principle. I made sure the hero image was clear and that there was a sense of hierarchy through decreasing text size as the eye looks at the page from top to bottom. The other two design principles which we looked at were balance and repetition. Balance relates to the visual weight of the page and repetition is continuity. I feel both of these were captured in my experiments too. I enjoyed this task as It was something I hadn’t consciously thought out so it has made be realise how important this design principles are.

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