Geography, geology and environment at Brighton

Surprising find in the middle of Catania

  Today was student project day on our fieldtrip to Sicily. I accompanied some students interested in archaeology to this Greek and then Roman amphitheater that I had found yesterday in the middle of Catania. From the outside you would not know this amazing site was there as it is surrounded by modern houses. However,…

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Water Quality, day 2 of the Geography Sicily field trip

Day two of our Geography Sicily fieldtrip, some 2nd year students testing water quality at Aci Castello. In the background are the ‘Isles of the Cyclops’ from the Odysseus mythology.

Sicily Archaeology Day – Giardini Naxos

Our first day in Sicily with a great group of 2nd year students at Giardini Naxos, the first Ancient Greek colony on the island. A fantastic day exploring ancient ruins was had by all.

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