I have had a lot of experience (and successful engagement) using a tool which I knew as Leaderboarded and is now known as Rise. Rise describes itself as a ‘gamified performance management platform’.

I have used this tool to:

Рprovide a running scoreboard for completed tasks during a Big Draw event with directly entered scores

Big Draw scoreboard

Updating the Big Draw scoreboard

– provide a conference leaderboard tracking points from a Google spreadsheet at FOTE 2012 (read more about this conference)

typical leaderboard good

Conference leaderboard


– tracking twitter activity and manually entered scores for the MaharaUK conference in 2014 (read the case study for this conference)

Managing the metrics in Leaderboarded

Managing the metrics in Leaderboarded

– running a Christmas Quiz embedded a leaderboard in the staff intranet

Embedding a leaderbaord

Embedding a leaderboard

In my experience it is the easiest way to add a scoreboard or leaderboard to an activity and is very flexible in the options you have to do so. There is a cost attached to it’s use but this is linked to the number of players and duration of the event so can be managed easily.

I am not aware of any similar tools at this time but am always on the lookout!

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