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Petra Collins Fashion Photographer and Image Curator

Petra Collins
Fashion Photographer and Image Curator
New York

Petra Collins is another fashion photographer who’s work I have always admired and looked up to, to once become myself. Her work is a variation of different mediums, from photography, styling, model and film. Her style is very soft with bright colour throughout the images in the forms of light. Her main body of work is in editorials and advertorials. She has worked for many different magazines across the globe which is what every photographers dream is. Her layout was designed specifically for her and her work. While it is a simple layout I do like the design as it is easy to navigate around her site while always seeing her latest work.

The page above is Petra Collins home page. This is the first page you see her navigation or home bar is at the left of the page and doesn’t disappear. This way it is always clear too see where you are within her site. The second image is another example of a simple contact information page. It is very simple and contains her contact details as well as her social media links. While I do like this website design I don’t feel like it represents her well. As she is a very creative woman who uses a lot of colour within her work and this is not represented wtihin her website at all. But I do like how clear the pages are and the navigation of it all.

Gilles Bensimon

Gilles Bensimon is a photographer who’s work often gets commissioned for different magazines and editorials. The current editorial I will be looking at within my work is to the right, titles ‘The silence of the sea’ by Ming xi by gilles bensimon for Vogue China in January 2016. This editorial is fairly recent within the industry, the model is fairly famous, I recognise her from the Victoria Secret Runway shows broadcast across the globe. The reason I chose to include this editorial even though it was not taken in
Switzerland, is because i wanted to understand more of an editorial rather than just the
landscapes. So I took the ideas of doing an editorial outside, and added a model into he
images. The images are dark and moody with a big key feature of the clothing, as Ming is wearing a different outfit in every picture. I really enjoyed this editorial for the use of the
portraiture images throughout, I have included two of these images on the far right. The styling of the wet hair, plays perfectly against the sea background and the pale skin. The minimal makeup and hair keeps all the focus on the outfit and the overall dramatic images. I included this image to the right because of its different qualities. For an editorial to include a on purpose blurry image within its mix epically for Vogue I found very interesting, it almost made the editorial more relatable and relaxed and
reminded me of the Kate Moss shoot on the beach where the images are relaxed, in a much more personal style and make you want to look at the rest of the images also. I really like this effect of a much more personalised but editorial feel. The colours and location are exactly what I would like to reproduce.