Since the beginning of this project, and writing my statement of intent, I wanted to focus more on the elements such as wind, fire, earth and water. Including the pull on the earth and the effect this had on our bodies from the moons gravitational pull. While I knew I wanted to focus on women and hyper femininity my ideas of what this should be have changed so much since I began. I have now realised the difference between feminism and femininity. My project has evolved so much since the research I conducted in the beginnings. While I still stuck to the mother nature idea, following my final book titled ‘Mother’ the concepts and ideas have transformed themselves into different ideas of what the ‘Earth Mother’ is or behaves like. I took the ideas of ‘Mothers’ a protector which went into be looking at ‘Skin’ ‘Sister Relationships’ ‘MeToo Stories’ and ‘Beauty’ I have linked all of these shoots back to ‘Mother’ in a very conceptual way while still allowing myself to link back to the first initial ideas. Skin was about the protector in all our lives while being photographed in a very delicate and feminine way with nudity and soft fabrics caressing the skin. It also ¬†features raw meats to juxtapose the ideas of soft tissue. The sister relationships is something I have never experienced myself being an only child, I went all the way to Switzerland to photograph two sisters who have always been a part of my life, this shoot was where I really involved the different elements of the sun kissing the skin and cold water refreshing the mind and body. My portrait series really hit home for me I wanted to understand peoples relationships with one another and seeing how open people would be with a stranger allowing me into their worlds just for a second and documenting this on a film camera once again allowed me to use a different medium rather than just digital, this part of my project made me reflect on my past and how I have dealt with my own MeToo story Finally beauty, as any other 22 year old I am obsessed with makeup but changing the way we look for all the many different reasons we do, this project allowed me to look into how others define beauty I focused on ‘Beauty Papers’ and others who are trying to redefine beauty and a natural beauty. I did not see my project taking shape this way at all. I am so overjoyed with my final outcomes because a couple weeks ago I could not see how this was ever going to happen! My final outcome was comprised of four different photoshoots where I went into much more research than I have ever done before furthering my reading which I really enjoyed. I wanted to do less shoots and much more in-depth research and analysis while still allowing myself to do the best I could in the shoots. I also did six personal shoots along side this project for the New Designers and just personal work. My final outcome was a hard back book comprised within a magazine phonebook layout pushing myself with different layouts that I have never tried before. ¬†My favourite part of this project was the freedom of allowing myself to further understand who I want to be in the future and what kind of artist I would like and aspire to become. Without this university and final major I would be a very different personal I personally feel like I have grown so much since we began. I would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point in my career. Jules and Mark have put up with me for far too long. So this thank you goes out especially to you both, I could not have done it without you.