These are some of the different Instagram layout options I have considered from online bloggers and photographers on the social media platform.

Design One: SQUARES
Each photo, one square at a time. You don’t have to stress out about your whole layout as such, as long as you stick to the same filter and color combination, which won’t work for me as a photographer trying to show off my many different talents and skills within photography. I would want the freedom of expressing black and white imagery with also colour from studio to location.

Design Two: DIAGONAL

Design Three: TILES

For this Instagram grid layout, use each square as a tile.The most popular way to use this layout is by sharing a photo, then a quote, then a photo, then a quote. It is an easy way to have a consistent Instagram feed. Super easy. Your followers will know exactly what you will post next. If you have just posted a photo. They are expecting a quote after. I do like the idea of having not necessarily quotes on my Instagram as I feel it can be quite cheesy to look at. But I do like the idea of having maybe a working title on the right alignment but then this only allows me to have two images placed in the middle and on the left.

Design four: ROW BY ROW
This is another creative Instagram grid layout. It is very beautiful because it looks like you are reading a book or a magazine. Our eyes naturally go from left to right to read.  Again, you can get very creative and tell a story. One row = one story. For example, if you are traveling somewhere you could use a line to write about your travel tips, your experience or the name of your destination. This design is the one I like the most. The same way we read a magazine we look from one side to the other setting up three images in a row and being able to see it is from the same spread or editorial without saying anything else.