Anne’s Story:

“Many women feel guilty when they ‘complain’ about their bodies or birth stories because they don’t want to sound ungrateful. But sharing your story, including the uncomfortable details, may help you realize that there are many other women to turn to for emotional support.”

As a woman myself I know all too well how often we can cat called or stared it for our choice of outfit. I have decided to try and take 50 individuals street portraits and follow them up with stories about personal situations if they let me. These stories can be to do with anything in their lives that they are willing to share with me. After I innitialy got in contact with the first set of womenn it was aoustaning to see the personal replies I was reciving from people who have never met me before. I would like to compile these images and place them into a book for more women to see that it is ok to talk about issues in their lifes good or bad. I would like to take these images on film to make them less of a throw away item as the stories that follow the portraits will not be dismissed. The #MeToo movement had such a profound effect on my life seeing all these women come together and support one another and let others know they are not alone. I was personally effected by the #MeToo movement when I was 20, and reading others peoples stories letting myself know I was not alone really helped me. No one knows what happened to me when I was younger so I would love to be able to compile images of women who are ready to share their own story and I hope that others enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed creating it.