Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is a commercial space flight company. In December 2018 they officially reached space, and they are setting in motion the opportunity for people (*cough* rich people *cough*) to have the opportunity to fly into space and back, for £250,000. The company is by nature, luxury. They haven’t done any commercial flights yet […]

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I’ve been watching a lot of videos, and listening to podcasts about minimalism lately, not so much for my project, more for personal interest. But since this project is pretty much a summary of my interests, naturally the two have combined. So the idea of minimalism is started to run a thread through my project […]

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Mars Trends, important!!

I started imagining this project around a year ago, it was in fragmented pieces in my mind at that stage, but the seed was there. during this time ive been noticing a growing trend towards Mars, and over the past few months as this project has been coming into fruition, these trends have been right […]

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03/03/18 FMP Journal

(posted a month late, in April oops: but I wrote this in May!) 03/03/18 FMP Journal So far, my FMP is going well, I have completed 1 photoshoot, and have 3 more planned in the coming week. I’ve been very busy the last 2 weeks focusing on organising the Dukes Lane pop-up, and so my […]

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