I’ve been watching a lot of videos, and listening to podcasts about minimalism lately, not so much for my project, more for personal interest. But since this project is pretty much a summary of my interests, naturally the two have combined. So the idea of minimalism is started to run a thread through my project almost by accident. It makes sense though, oddly.

These 2 youtubers in particular

The Minimalists

Matt D’Avela¬†

I’ve been binge watching loads of their content, they actually collaborated on a documentary on minimalism which I watched on Netflix too.

But there was one video watched which really got me thinking, but it wasnt by either of these channels, in fact I wasn’t even watching related content. I’ve been following this youtube channel for years now:

it posts videos about architecture and interior design. (another huge interest of mine! i originally went to uni to study architecture but i dropped out!)

I was looking for a video I had watched years ago, that I really loved, i remember how beautiful the house was, but when watched it with fresh eyes something more interesting jumped out at me. The house owner who narrates the video said:

“I think what we try to do is we eliminate all the visual noise we can, so all the plug placements, all the little accessories, all of those things are considered and they’re made to disappear or blend in with with its surroundings, because they affect you visually, you don’t necessarily recognise them, but people do recognise the fact when they’re not there, when they disappear in their mind all of a sudden they wonder why it feels so calm in here, because there is no accessories to cloud your eye. You need to have places where you could go where you understand what simplicity will give you back.”

The design of the house is all about simplicity, having just enough, and how this extends to a general feeling of calm. This thought really resonated with me, and has massively influenced the design of my packaging and branding.

I really recommend watching this video because he says so much that is valuable and that has inspired me, but i cant write it all out! Additionally the entire youtube channel is full of really good quality content, over 800 videos, its been a treasure box of inspiration over the years for me.

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