Fire Instructor Health & Exercise Prescription

Dr Alan Richardson, with support from PhD Student, Emily Watkins, and co-supervisors, Associate Professor Watt and Dr Mark Hayes, lead research into the health and exercise prescription of fire instructors, now cited in the National Breathing Apparatus Instructors Health Management Guidelines issued by the Chief Fire Officers Association.

On the 15th of October 2017 Dr. Alan Richardson, as the only invited physiologist, presented at the UK Home Office’s Centre of Applied Science and Technology to the heads of UK Fire, Ambulance and Police services on physiological monitoring of personnel. This was broadcast live worldwide to 16 international emergency service providers. This invitation has led to an enterprise proposal being developed for the validation and implementation of physiological monitoring of UK emergency personnel. Alan also presented at the national fire conference on the health of fire personnel and reducing thermal loading and stress in fire exposures, resulting in Firefit wishing to commission a menstrual cycle, menopause and thermoregulation study on Personnel Protective Equipment wearers.

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