Presentations (Invited)


Thermal Illness in Sports EIS National Doctors Meeting (December 2019). Preventing Exertional Heat Stroke in Tokyo 2020: From Heat Alleviation Strategies to Heat Tolerance Testing (Dr Neil Maxwell)

EIS Cooling Evidence for Practitioners (June 2019). Practical Pre and During Exercise Cooling for Sports Performance: Practitioner Guidelines (Dr Mark Hayes, Dr Ash Willmott, Dr Neil Maxwell)

The Swedish Sports Confederation – Sports performance optimisation during heat, humidity and altitude (April 2019). Screening athletes for their tolerance of environmental challenges using practical variables. (Dr Gareth Turner, English Institute of Sport)

EIS Supported Dissertation Project Workshop (March 2019). EIS Supported Dissertation Projects Inform Team GB Preparations for the Heat of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games (Dr Neil Maxwell)

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (January 2019). Heat exposures and instructors working practices (Emily Watkins)


FireFit UK Conference (November 2018). Firefighter health: gender considerations (Emily Watkins)

GB & England Hockey & England Rugby (September 2018). Practical pre and in match cooling for hockey. [Dr Mark Hayes (University of Brighton) & Dr Ash Willmott (Anglia Ruskin University)

English Institute of Sport (March 2018). Practical heat acclimation and heat tolerance testing. (Dr Neil Maxwell)


British Science Festival (September 2017). Beat the heat with science. (Dr Neil Maxwell)

Willingdon Primary School (July 2017). Sport and Exercise Science – Beat the heat with science. (Dr Neil Maxwell, Rebecca Relf & Kirsty Waldock)

Public Health England’s Annual Heatwave Seminar (April 2017). Current exercise-heat stress research impacting the Public Health England Heatwave Plan – heat alleviation. (Dr Neil Maxwell & Kirsty Waldock)

IOC Injury and Illness Prevention Conference (Monaco, Spain) (March 2017). Heat issues for Paralympic athletes. (Professor Nick Webborn)

Para-Monte Open Day (January 2017). What happens at altitude? (Dr Neil Maxwell)


Rio 2016 Paralympic Games – Team and IF Medical Staff Workshop (September 2016). Promoting athlete health and safety in Paralympic Summer Sport Environment. (Professor Nick Webborn)

House of Lords National Cancer Research Institute (September 2016). Heat Sensitivity in Breast Cancer Survivors. (Dr Neil Maxwell & Rebecca Relf)


Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital (Doha, Qatar) (October 2015). The health of the Paralympic athlete (Professor Nick Webborn)


French National Institute of Sport (2013). Rethinking the traditional heat acclimation strategy for athletes. (Dr Neil Maxwell)


English Institute of Sport (2012). Rio 2016 Brainstorm – Heat Acclimation methods. (Dr Neil Maxwell)

International Convention on Science, Medicine in Sport, Glasgow (2012) – Rethinking the traditional heat acclimation strategy for Olympic and Paralympic athletes. [Dr Neil Maxwell (Brighton), Dr Lee Taylor (Bedfordshire), Dr Paul Castle (GSK), Dr Andrew Garrett (Hertfordshire)]