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Got a question before you start at Brighton?

We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions from the recent Computing, Engineering and Mathematics online Q&A.

Engineering questions

I am keen to understand how Brighton is planning on running technical degrees like mechanical engineering where there is a heavy focus on lab time and tutorials.

We hope to start the autumn term as planned but will follow government and PHE guidance. We have a dedicated Covid-19 planning team who are monitoring the national situation and contingency planning to ensure that students continue to enjoy quality teaching and learning. We understand that this is an unusual time for everyone.

Is the engineering department formulating a plan as to what a disrupted schedule may look like?

We are currently looking at our plans for next year, specifically at how we can maximise the use of software and simulations to complement key practical experimental work. We’re also looking at how we can capture and stream the practical work where possible to maximise the accessibility of these activities to everyone who may not be in a position to be there.

Is there likely to be an additional financial implication for students around computer equipment capable of running the software needed?

We have recently moved to using multiple platforms (in particular with simulations), so we use both Solidworks (PC, local) and Fusion 360 (PC/Mac, cloud-based for simulations) to try to accommodate as many system set ups as possible. We have made relevant software available for students to download free where needed or recommended alternative, free versions to use.

You can also contact one of our student advisors about your concerns regarding the cost of procuring equipment –

What is the current plan to allow students to attend, say machining labs or welding? And how will the likes of your Formula Student programme run?

We appreciate it must be hard to make a decision at this time. The university’s Covid-19 planning team are carefully monitoring the national situation and making contingency plans for the rest of this term and upcoming year.

Our Formula Student team are now participating with the virtual IMechE international competition and working remotely via MS Teams. Special software arrangement have also been made, allowing design, analysis and discussion to continue. And they will be presenting their work, remotely, to the panel of industry experts in June.

What companies and organisations do you have links with for student placements? (aeronautical engineering in particular)

We have links with Airbus, GE, Collins Aerospace, RR and many other companies where our placement students can work for a year. You can see more on our course pages

The university also help to secure summer internships, for example one of our engineering students worked as a design engineer last summer. Our careers service helped amend their CV and complete the application.

Is it possible to have some detail about the foundation year modules, particularly automotive engineering?

Foundation year modules are the same across all the engineering courses except civil engineering, where there are some slight differences. You can find information on the course page.


General questions

What are Brighton’s plans for the near future? Will we start in September regardless, doing our work over video chats/the internet? Or will start dates be pushed back?

We’re open for applications for September 2020. We hope to start the autumn term as planned, but will follow government and PHE guidance. We have a dedicated Covid-19 planning team who are monitoring the national situation and contingency planning to ensure that students continue to enjoy quality teaching and learning. We understand this is an unusual time for everyone. For further information please refer to our website FAQs here:

Does that mean we may have to stay living at home?

We are planning for the accommodation to start as normal, but it’s a little unknown. I would suggested you still put your application for accommodation in so you are in the system and we can keep you updated.

If you would normally need accommodation in Brighton then please ensure you apply for it by the deadline of 30 June.

How do I go about having support in university as I currently have a Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), and have a Needs Assessment Report (NAR)?

The important thing to remember is that we are here to support you. Our disability team will be able to help you through the process. What they will need is the correct evidence of either a medical certificate or educational report about what your disability it so they can ensure you have the right help and support in place.

You can find out more on our website here, too:

Is it possible to get any other scholarships and financial help except student finance for international students?

If you are an international fee paying student (so non-EU) you can apply for a £2500 international scholarship on our website:

You may wish to check this out about your fees:

How does the student fees for the year work? And how do I go about paying my tuition so I have to pay it in full or have all the money for the first year of the course before I start the course?

As an international student, you need to pay your deposit prior to starting to secure your CAS for the Tier 4 visa (if you need one). And then you can either pay for the full year or arrange with the fees team to pay it in instalments throughout the year. More information can be found here:

Or, if you are self-funding then you would arrange the payment details when you enrol in September. They you can pay in full or pay the first-year fees over six months starting in November. If you are an international student then your deposit will be taken off your total fees.

Multi-million dollar backing for clean energy breakthrough

A Brighton’s scientist’s research into storing clean, renewable energy has received a multi-million-dollar boost. Professor Rob Morgan, Professor of Thermal Propulsion Systems at the University of Brighton’s Advanced Engineering Centre in Moulsecoomb, has been collaborating for the past 12 years on the concept of turning air into liquid to stockpile energy, closely working with UK-based Highview Power, the owner of the technology and the IP, and the company bringing it to the global market.

Read More

photo of Schucechchha Ghimire

Building confidence, skills and a business at Brighton

Electronic and Computer Engineering student Shuvechchha is already putting her business ideas into action and plans to continue building on them after graduation. We caught up with her to find out about her studies and her business.

I came to an open day at Brighton and liked that engineering here is really hands-on. We do a lot of practical work and you learn so much from it. I enjoy working like this, we still learn the theory, but because I’m doing engineering I wanted to focus on skills. Knowing how things work and making them work are different things.

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How engineering is helping Joshua take his business forward

Final year Aeronautical Engineering BEng(Hons) student Joshua Gere tells us why he chose Brighton and how he is taking forward his business idea with his company

The open day definitely made me choose Brighton. I went to a few different ones then came here. It was more than a regular open day, the lecturers really gave us their time. It showed how supportive lecturers are here and how approachable they are for students.

At the open day I spent a lot of time talking to Dr Daniel Coren about what I wanted to do. He could see how passionate I am about the subject, was really interested in my business idea, and gave me some good insight into life at Brighton. I knew I wanted to come here and went home and cancelled all my other university applications.

Lecturers go the extra mile to assist you. Like anything in life, as long as you are trying something, if you ask for help they can guide you with their expertise and technical knowledge. They can help you find ways to expand your ideas and see things differently to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Read More

Advanced Engineering Building interior shot

Engineering and teaching excellence on film

The University’s £14m Advanced Engineering Building in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, has been captured in a new Youtube video produced by Coast to Capital which helped make the building a reality.

The business-led partnerships between local authorities and businesses plays a central role in determining local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and the creation of local jobs.

The Coast to Capital team spent the day with Professor Rob Morgan, Professor of Thermal Propulsion Systems in the Advanced Engineering Centre (AEC), based in the building.

The AEC is an internationally-recognised centre of research excellence with an established track record of pioneering research in applied thermofluids, including automotive engineering, heat transfer, sprays and two phase flows.

It works with global academics, industry leaders and policymakers to significantly impact the transportation, aerospace and medical sectors.


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Book your place on our postgraduate open evenings

Choose from over 170 postgraduate courses with flexible study options to help you in your career – or change your path completely.

We’re holding informal open evenings from 5 to 12 February 5pm to 8pm, giving you the opportunity to find out first-hand how you can benefit from postgraduate study.

Tutors will be on hand to answer all your questions about your course, and you can see where you’ll be studying. You can drop in at any time, or join us for talks and tours.

We run open evenings on all of our campuses across Brighton and Eastbourne, the event at Moulsecoomb is on Wednesday 12 February, 5pm – 8pm.

Find out more about what subjects we offer for postgraduate study and book your place on an open evening

Clearing the way for prospective students

A University of Brighton student has won a £1,500 prize for her technological innovation that could help support the university clearing process.

BEng (Hons) Electronic and Computer Engineering student Shuvechchha Ghimire was the winner of the Santander University of Brighton Ideas Competition, launched by the University’s entrepreneurship support service Beepurple.

She was presented with the cash prize – which will enable her to further develop her business idea – at a ceremony at 68 Middle Street, Brighton. Read More

Team photo of PHP Cubed

Brighton students take to zero gravity

Our team of engineering students successfully tested their trailblazing technology in zero-gravity conditions in Bordeaux.

PHP Cubed – Georgie Crewdson, Tom Critchley, Matteo Pontecorvo, Liam Ardagh and Alex Evans – were one of only two student teams to travel to Bordeaux as part of the European Space Agency’s ‘Fly Your Thesis!’ competition.

The team’s experiments took place on a on a specially modified zero-gravity Airbus A310 flight at Novespace, a subsidiary of the French National Centre for Space Studies.

This parabolic flight allows researchers to interact with their experiments in a weightless environment, simulating the conditions of outer space.

Throughout the week the graduates tested their novel passive heat management system, scaled down for a nanosatellite application. This system enables sensitive components to be cooled and temperatures to be managed without the need for a power supply or moving parts – a crucial factor in reducing weight and size in nanosatellites that can weigh as little as one kilogram. Read More

Image of student Mark Blake

Improving the lives of autistic people

A University of Brighton student has won a £1300 grant to develop a project that provides support and guidance for autistic young people.

Software Engineering student Mark Blake received the Unltd ‘Do It Award’, the prize money of which will go towards funding his initiative The Autism League.

The Autism League is a collaboration between writers, filmmakers, photographers, social media talent and activists with the objective of improving the lives of those on the autistic spectrum.

Over the next year, Mark will cooperate with other autistic students to create content which will be hosted on The Autism League website: Read More

Students cross finish line at Silverstone

Our Brighton Racing Motors team placed in the top 20 of an international contest at Silverstone to mark the culmination of a year spent designing and building a racing car.

The team, made up of engineering undergraduate students  participated in the IMechE Formula Student competition at the world-renowned race circuit.

After progressing through five days of ‘scrutineering’ and testing, Brighton Racing Motors were selected to take part in the prestigious Endurance race – a first for the University.

Around 140 teams from around the world signed up to enter the race, only 81 made it to Silverstone with a completed car, and just 25 made it to the final event. 

Brighton Racing Motors were ranked 18thin the Endurance race and 57thin the competition overall.  Read More