The rewards of learning engineering and a language at Brighton

I always wanted to be an engineer, since I was a kid. I also wanted to experience life abroad to broaden my horizons and learn a language. Studying here at the university was the best way to achieve my goals.

I was very excited and proud to come to the University of Brighton, I am the first one in my family ever to study abroad. When I got here it was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be for several reasons, such as the language barrier and the slightly different culture but at the same time it was also more interesting and rewarding since I learnt and achieved a lot more than I thought I would.

The course in Aeronautical Engineering benefits from the support and expertise of experienced lecturers and leading industry experts in specific fields. Furthermore, the course is very practical, unlike many other similar courses. This makes it more challenging but gives the possibility of acquiring practical skills that are highly in demand in industry.

Both the teaching and the support staff are amazing, always willing to discuss issues regardless of the nature of the problem, which might be a personal or a course-related issue and find a solution. Furthermore, they work incredibly hard to always improve the course.

My undergraduate thesis was done in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and I was selected to go and present it to the READ & EWADE 2018 conference. At the end, my research will be published in the proceedings of the conference. Furthermore, the Fly-Your-Thesis experience so far has been fantastic, the trip to ESTEC was inspiring and the possibilities that we were offered when we were selected is unique in its kind.

The possibility of taking part in the research currently taking place at the University on passive thermal management system at the beginning of the last academic year was an incredible opportunity which lead to great achievements, such as the publication of my undergraduate thesis and the Fly-Your-Thesis campaign. For these I have to thank my supporting professor, Dr Nicolas Miché for the possibilities and the constant support.

Fly-Your-Thesis is one of the many platforms offered by the European Space Agency during the academic year. Due to our design, Fly-Your-Thesis was the only platform suitable for our research which involves the implementation of a pulsating heat pipe, which is a passive thermal management system, onto a nanosatellite-device and the study of its performances under different gravity conditions.

The experiment is just at the beginning and there is a long road ahead before the conclusion of the research. But the possibility of actively contributing towards the research of the device will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the device, improve my ability to work in a team and most importantly make a contribution.

It is a challenging journey but it can lead to unexpected and great achievements that you might not be able to imagine now.”

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