An insight into engineering at Brighton

Prianka Sabharwal, BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering gives us an insight into life as an engineering student at Brighton and the amazing experience taking part in Formula Student offers.

Good luck to Pria and the Brighton Racing Motors team who will be racing their car at Silverstone this weekend as part of the Formula Student competition. Check by here to find out how they got on.

“Not many universities around the UK offer Aeronautical Engineering and out of those that did, I made a point to call and speak to the heads of department. Brighton were by far the friendliest and after the phone call, it solidified what and I already thought, that Brighton was the place for me.
The Robot Wars and Formula Student projects have been real highlights. The projects were different but equally as rewarding. I also loved the opportunity I had to go to the Williams (F1 team) factory tour, that was definitely a day I’ll never forget! Claire Williams specifically asked for female engineers to go.
When Dr Coren released his project options for final year students and they were Formula Student related I was intrigued. I’d never heard of it before and the more I researched it the more I became excited by it.
I am part of the aerodynamics team, focusing on the front wing aerodynamics of the car. I’m also the team leader; a lot of the project is the actual design and manufacture of the car, but there is a lot of business and marketing criteria to meet from the IMechE so I help organise all submissions and liaise with the IMechE.
I think we all have our strong points and I think there are so many people on the team who are just incredible at what they do – but the best part is that we all help each other. For instance, we have someone who is incredible at CAD drawings and he always offered to help with whatever is needed.
Being a part of a team and how to work well in a team is something I’ll take away from my experience. It’s also the first time I have been a part of a project that’s spanned the course of a year, being involved in the start-up, design, manufacturing and then to the end result – it’s rewarding and definitely given me a work ethic that I’ll carry with me. And I have made good friends within the team.
I also did a summer internship at Emirates Engineering Centre in Dubai. . It was challenging but the overall experience was amazing. I think being the small fish in a big pond is always nerve racking – especially when I was still a student and they had all been practising engineering for years but it was interesting to see how much responsibility I was given from the get go. It was really interesting to see how things worked in the working world, not just read about them in a text book.
I learnt a lot, not just engineering principles but also work ethic and management. When I came back to finish my final year I found I was more driven and determined to succeed. And it definitely aided my final project decision because I enjoyed it so much.”


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