Train to teach this September

If you have considered training to teach after graduating in a STEM subject this year, this post is for you…

Train to teach and inspire hundreds of young minds along the way. Start your teaching career on a Design and Technology train to teach course this September.

Tax-free bursaries and prestigious scholarships of up to £30,000 are available while you train as a teacher.The department of Education (DfE) website has additional support available to help you get started…

  • Read these five simple steps to get into teaching
  • Register to attend the next DfE online event on 18 July; which provides specific advice for new STEM graduates like you.

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Award winning product design

Congratulations to 2016 Product Design graduate Josh Akhtar who won the W’Innovate & Wilko Award  at the prestigious New Designers Exhibition in London.

Josh’s award winning product is Bait Hive, a sustainable low-cost design solutions for a foldable bee hive. The prize is £1,000 cash plus a two-week placement with W’Innovate.

The judges comments included how impressed them were with Josh’s whole approach. “Josh has demonstrated a full end-to-end approach to a product, with an environmental, low cost, sustainable design solution, offering and system and logistical platform.”

Speaking about his winning design, Joshua said: “My father has kept bees for years and used to get me to muck in. The Bait Hive is designed to be used in a wide variety of locations and is dedicated to swarm capture. It utilises a pheromone to aid in attracting a swarm, and once it enters the hive, a rotating door is used to trap the queen whilst allowing the colony to continue to forage, ensuring the swarm stays in its new location.

“The long term plan is called the ‘bait hive mission’ which aims to exponentially boost the numbers of bees globally. Aside from the retail product for hobbyist beekeepers, I hope that the hive will eventually be offered as a free swarm prevention service for businesses and public places as an alternative to the use of exterminators and pest control.”