For this project I chose the brand ASOS. The brief was to design a sub brand for ASOS with three campaigns advertising my four predicted trends for Spring/ Summer 2020. I started by researching into ASOS as a brand looking at their values and their manifesto. I found out that ASOS is an affordable, multi platform, fast fashion brand. The brand itself is a platform where customers can find a variety of items and brands in one place. ASOS has its own brand, the items are mostly ‘basic’ pieces. I then looked at one of ASOS’ existing sub brands ASOS Market place. This is a site where independant brands can sell vintage/ hand made clothing. For my sub brand I wanted to create an ASOS platform similar to ASOS Market place but for only high end vintage pieces. I decided to call my sub brand ASOS Sunflower. I then went on to look at macro trends and predicted trends. I started by looking at WGSN to find articles on macro trends. For my four trends I chose ‘Revived Denim’ (customised high end vintage denim), ‘Satin Scarves’ (Retro print head scarves), ‘Retro Vision’ (Vintage high end sunglasses you can put a prescription in), ‘Cord co-ords’ (Yellow cord two piece sets). I then created macro boards for my trends using photoshop.

I chose an Instagram page, Website and magazine editorial for my three campaigns. I did research into these types of media and started to develop these. For my website I used The main trend I wanted to focus on was ‘Retro Vision’ as I thought it was the most original.


For my ‘Retro Vision’ trend I bought some vintage but cool looking sunglasses from a high street store called ‘Pull & Bear’ I then chose my models and went to Stanmer Park Blue bell woods to do a shoot to go with my campaign and to post on my website and Instagram. I incorporated the denim trend in with this shoot and had the models wearing mainly denim, red and white. I was happy with the shoot and I then edited the photos using soft filters and adjusting the brightness, exposure and colours using photoshop.


I also did a test shoot for my head scarves trend at a laundrette with three models. I bought silk patterned scarves from charity shops. I again incorporated the denim into this trend and used the denim on denim look. Unfortunately this shoot didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, however I was able to edit some of the photos to look ok. The photos that worked with the trend still didn’t look right though because the photos only looked good in black and white.


I then started designing my three campaigns, I chose to do a website using, an Instagram page, and billboard advertisements.


For the Instagram page I posted photos and videos from the shoot & created a hashtag for the trends. I also added the link to the website and set it out as if it was an Instagram for a store. I also posted images with discount codes and new information on for the brand. I also created a hashtag for customers to tag their purchases if they were pleased with them.


For the website I started by designing the home page, I did a banner at the top with changing images with student discount codes, the latest trends and buttons to shop the trends. I also added links to social media and a bar with options to go onto other pages. I also added the asos sunflower logo at the top of each page on the top bar. There are also contact details at the bottom for customer care. I then designed the about page with information about the brand with images from the trend shoots.


I designed the billboards to be eye catching and simple. I wanted them to stand out when you pass them on the street so I used mainly just images with the logo and the specific trend on the front using bold fonts in a white contrasting colour to the image.


I also wrote my mainfesto, describing what the brand is about with its values and future goals. My slogan for ASOS Sunflower is the contemporary & sustainable way to wear vintage.


Overall I enjoyed this project although I found It challenging at times with thinking of innovative ideas. If I had more time I would have liked to have developed my website further and add products to the buying pages.



Reflection on Fashion Illustration & Imaging

Fashion Illustration & Imaging




For this project I have been exploring Identity, I chose to look more into ‘couples identity’. The aim of this project was to make a 12-16 page zine. Through out the month I have been learning different methods on how to bind books, Illustrator & Photoshop methods and researching into photography, illustration and imaging.


I started by researching different zines and online places people send their art work to be turned into monthly zines for teenagers such as crybaby zine. I then started to look at different typographers such as Elena Trofimova to get inspiration for the header of my zine.


I wanted to specifically explore ‘Couples Identity’ as I thought it was interesting to look at all different types of couples (young, old, gay, straight ect) and see what they are like as a pair.

I then looked at the definition of what a couple is and how the history of couples compares to the present day (women’s rights, feminism, evolution of gay couples being accepted).


I went on to do a series of photoshoots and interviews with different couples such as newly engaged, newly together, older couples and gay couples and international couples. I started by doing some test shoot with the couples just in my flat kitchen against the wall. I then realised that I wanted to use some of the photographs in my zine and I didn’t want the whole thing to be illustrated so I then redid some of the photo shoots and planned them out more thinking about location, styling and angling so they looked better in my zine. I did the styling and photography from the shoots and then went on to develop my work by doing a series of hand and digital illustrations of the couples for my zine.


I decided to use the Japanese book binding method for my zine as I enjoyed making this one the most. I did a plan of how I wanted my zine to look and wrote down all the key information I needed to include. I then started putting the pages together using Photoshop. I had to think about which side of the paper things needed to be on and on what types of paper. I wanted my zine to be digital and printed however I wanted to use all sort of paper. I used gloss, matt and acetate paper as I thought it would be interesting if some of the pages you could see through to what was behind.


I called my zine ‘TOGETHER’ and I created my own font for the cover. I found a font that I liked called ‘Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold’ and I scanned it in to Photoshop and manipulated it so it became a new font. It still had elements of the previous font but I liked the changes I made. I also wanted the front cover to be bold and stand out on a shelf so I used the black font against a white back ground with random orange letters.


After I put the zine together I noticed I had made a mistake on the last page and the page had cut off the rest of the writing. I had to stick the extra information in which is why the final zine is not totally smooth.


Over all I am happy with my final zine and I enjoyed this project, if I had more time I would have interviewed more couples and planned out the photoshoots more.

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