Tii News: February 2015

When marking papers (online), please take a moment to check the following:

Make sure students see their marks on, and not before, the Post Date (the date on which you allow students to see their marks and feedback)
• In the module area, go to the Control Panel, then Course Tools, then TurnitinUK Assignments
• Click the submission point link you want to check
• Click Edit assignment (this is where you can check all the submission point’s settings)
• Click Optional settings
• Make sure ‘Reveal grades to students only on post date’ is set to ‘Yes’ – you should always choose this setting when creating the submission point
Tii option setting










Note that, at the time of writing (February 2015), this option must be set to ‘Yes’ each time a new submission point is created.  The Turnitin developers are investigating a fix, so that the option setting can be saved and remembered for subsequent submission points.

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