Farewell to Community@Brighton

Community@Brighton is being decommissioned next week and being replaced with a range of services including blogs and Sharepoint. Here are some resources to remind you of the fun we’ve had:

Screenshot 2014-07-25 12.19.39

Jon Dron has written an excellent post outlining the history of the service (now as a pdf from the original post on Community@Brighton).

‘The Best of Both Worlds’ presentation was written to highlight the advantages of mixing social tools with more a more structured VLE.

A photo from the ELGGJam conference in 2007 hosted by the University of Brighton.

And finally…Community@Brighton is the only service we’ve ever written a theme song for. This dates back to 2007, with lyrics posted below:

Tell my story in my blog
links and pics and monologue
read the news and dilbert’s dog
community at Brighton

Seven comments, I’m a star
with top tags I will go far
check my cool new avatar
It’s all about you…

Katie is fascinated by the intersection of technology, games and learning and a core member of the ALT special interest group for Games and Learning. Dr Katie Piatt is the eLearning Services Manager at the University of Brighton.

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