Email Announcement might not send the email!

Several staff have reported that ticking the Email Announcement box when creating an announcement doesn’t always work.  We’ve found that this feature fails when special characters such as ampersand (&), exclamation marks (!) speech marks (“) and apostrophes (‘) are used in the title or text of an announcement.

Workaround: Staff who are posting important announcements and also want students to receive this as an email are advised to:

1. Undertake the actions separately – write the announcement and then copy and paste it into an email


2. Do not use any special characters when posting an announcement in studentcentral, AND

3. Always use the Paste from Word function when copying text from another application e.g. email, Word document or web page into a studentcentral text editor. This removes any unseen underlying formatting that is brought over with the copy that can corrupt the announcement.

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2 comments on “Email Announcement might not send the email!
  1. Darren Connolly says:

    My announcement is not being sent and is going into my junk e-mail.

    I have tried changing the format of the text as instructed in the guidance notes above, but the announcement is still not being sent and ends up in the junk folder.

    • Adam Bailey says:

      Hi Darren,
      If your announcement is being written using the Announcement tool in studentcentral and you are ticking the Send as Email option, and you receive a copy in your email in Junk then it has been sent successfully as an email by studentcentral. Its just that your account is treating the email as Junk and you need to set it so that these types of email aren’t treated as Junk. Right click the email in the Junk folder and from the drop down menu, click Junk mail > Mark as not Junk. (Thats the route on my MAC version of Outlook but should be similar wording in Outlook for PC.)
      If you have any queries like this please get in touch with x4444 who will be able to help.

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