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We are working towards implementing the latest version of Blackboard for the beginning of the next academic year and having met with our Blackboard reps and support at the end of last week we thought you might like a taste of what’s coming.


Global Navigation – brings all important information from across all of studentcentral and presents it in one easy-to-navigate home base.

Calendars – bring your course items into a modern, easy-to-use calendar. Add events, due dates, course reminders. And export to third-party calendars like Outlook or Google. One calendar for all courses with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Posts – View all posts to blogs and discussion boards on studentcentral  from one easy location

Updates – Displays all new content, including announcements from one location

Content Editor – new content editor that reads, writes and renders modern HTML. It also has the edition of a new maths editor that doesn’t require JAVA and offers LATEX support. It all has a full screen editing mode.

New Assessment Analysis – Item Analysis helps you refine assessments by evaluating the quality and validity of each question.


For more information on the latest version of Blackboard please visit:

I am the Learning Technologies Adviser for Brighton Business School; Environment and Technology; PABS; Art, Design and Media. I am based in the Aldrich Library. My role is to to provide research, guidance and support with the use and implementation of technology in teaching and research. My background is in the creative arts, education and technology and I would see myself as a creative technologist. You can follow me on twitter using @mecurdy To find out more about the technologies and services we support visit the elearning blog:

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3 comments on “Coming soon to studentcentral……
  1. TIm says:

    Just seen the Bb promo materials. Looks great! Can’t wait to get it.

  2. Jorj Kowszun says:

    This looks very good. The inclusion of support for LaTeX should make it possible to use Bb for interactive Mathematics activities. It would be great if we could be assured that blogging and the testing facilities will work correctly.

    • Marion Curdy says:

      Jorj, if you want a preview of all of this they’ve just updated coursesites to the latest version. I believe the LaTeX support is in the next service pack though.

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