New £40,000 bursaries for ex-military personnel to get into teaching

Bursaries of £40,000 are being offered to ex-service personnel to train as teachers in a new scheme that will replace the Troops to Teachers Programme, launched at the University of Brighton in 2013.

The bursaries will provide veterans of all three services – British Army, Royal Navy and the RAF – with greater flexibility. Once they leave the service they will be able to train as teachers, while still receiving financial support. Continue reading

Troop to Teachers Success

Troops to Teacher (TtT) student Andy Watts shared in the accolades at the 2016 Pearson Teaching Awards.

The Head Teacher of the Year in a Primary School title went to former Royal Artillery officer Matt Middlemore, a supporter of the TtT programme, who said he wished he could give pieces of the  trophy to pupils, parents and teachers who have helped turn the school around. Continue reading

Troops to Teachers in the THE

The Times Higher Education today features an article on the university’s lead role in the Troops to Teachers (TtT) programme which retrains former military personnel to become teachers.

THE journalist John Elmes visited the School of Education in Falmer to interview TtT trainee Mike Parry, a former Army Corporal, and Carol Plater, the university’s TtT Course Leader and a Principal Lecturer. Continue reading

Now even more Service leavers can become teachers

We’re delighted to announce that eligibility for the Troops to Teachers programme has changed offering even more Service leavers the opportunity to train as teachers.

Service leavers can now apply to the programme within five years of leaving the Armed Forces – previously applications needed to be made within two years. Find out more about the programme.

Troops to Teachers update

TTT logoThe first cohort of the DfE funded ‘Troops to Teachers’ (TtT) programme has been recruited. The trainees began their studies in January and they are all currently placed in school settings across the country.

The delivery schools employ the TtT trainee as a non-qualified member of the teaching staff and the university pays a £12,780.80* salary grant (per annum) directly to the school to subsidise the salary costs. The University of Brighton is leading the Troops to Teachers consortium of seven universities who provide the training. Continue reading