Education BA Placement Opportunities

Second year students studying the Education BA (Hons) are set to embark on their eight-week placements this February.

Placement learning is a key aspect of the course and students have two separate opportunities to deepen their understanding in different educational settings.  The course prides itself on the freedom it offers and students are encouraged to pursue their own pathway in an area they are most passionate about. Continue reading

Education Society

A brand new society has recently been set up by a group of second year students on the Education BA(hons) course to offer a place to share thoughts, ideas and for students to get to know each other across all courses.

Kallan Thomas, society president said “we wanted to find a way of being able to connect with other cohorts from all undergraduate and postgraduate routes within the School of Education and thought a society would be a great way of building a community.

The society is open to everyone, where you will be able to meet with new people who share a common interest in Education. We are organising social events, movie nights, interesting talks by influential speakers in the Education field and much more”.

The Education Society recently hosted their first event, which was a bowling tournament and the turn out was great!

If you are interested in becoming a member, head over to the Brighton Student Union
You can also follow the society via their Facebook group

Education BA Employability Programme

The employability programme is an annual event organised for second year students prior to going on their eight week placement.

The aim of the event is to ensure students are fully prepared for employment and life after graduation, that they have the skills and knowledge to secure a job, and that they are confident and ready for work. Continue reading

Education BA Placement Opportunities

One of the key aspects of the Education BA (Hons) is the wide variety of placement opportunities available to help students develop key skills and gain experience in potential career areas.

During their second year, students have the opportunity to go on placement and spend time in organisations such as school settings, child and young person’s services, local authorities, charities and community-led organisations in both the UK and overseas. Continue reading