Cross curricular and animation workshop at Towner Gallery

Students from (Secondary) Art and Design PGCE and (Secondary) Modern Foreign Languages PGCE started the year with a visit to the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne where they were invited to attend a tour of the Ravilious & Co: The Pattern of Friendship exhibition.

Following the visit, students from both routes collaborated to create a short animation. Using imagery and modern foreign language components inspired from the exhibition they learnt how to use a simple animation programme, exploring cross curricular links, collaborative planning and links with literacy.

This process encourages planning and discussing ideas with peers, using both art and language as starting points for learning and develops knowledge of techniques and skills working with digital technologies. Students are actively encouraged to develop creative approaches in a secondary classroom.

This short animation video was created by Anna Mcintyre and Orla Toner (Art and Design PGCE) and Maria Romero-Martin and Eve Crua (MFL PGCE) who chose Tirzah Garwood’s ‘Summer’ as their inspiration.

The School of Education works closely with the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne to provide annual trips to assist in the development of students’ knowledge and skills. In addition to this students are also encouraged to attend various teacher twilight events for CPD and exhibitions throughout the year to inform and inspire their classroom practice.

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