New publication released by School of Education academics

Congratulations to Tim Rudd and Ivor Goodson on the recent publication of their book ‘Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions’.

Consisting of 13 chapters, including 2 from Tim Rudd and Ivor Goodson, there are also chapters from Brighton academics; Nadia Edmond and Mike Hayler – both from the Education Research Centre, Professor Deborah Philips from the School of Arts and Humanities; as well as other UK and international academics.

rudd-and-goodson-negotiating-neoliberalismThe book provides a range of tangible examples of the detrimental effects of neoliberal education and the negative impacts this has on the professional lives and work of professional educators. It challenges the common assumption that the neoliberal project is a monolithic orthodoxy by highlighting its complexities, variations and contradictions and the ways policies are refracted through action and practice. The collected chapters outline a range of historical, alternative educational approaches, systems and discourse that may well provide the seedbed for reimagined and reorganised educational futures.

The authors offer a range of conceptual and theoretical insights and analyses that highlight the weaknesses and limitations inherent within the neoliberal education project and also illustrate the dangers in following the prevailing hegemonic discourse and trajectories. It is postulated that alternative educational approaches warrant greater and urgent attention because history suggests that rather than having weathered the recent economic crisis, we may well be witnessing the long tail of decline for the neoliberal project.

Full details about their book can be found here.

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