Festive networking event

Are you a new lecturer, a post-doc, someone who has just completed a PhD, or is re-entering research after a pause? Do you identify as an Early Career Researcher but you are none of the above? Whatever your trajectory, you are warmly invited to a Festive Networking Event for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) across the University of Brighton. Come and meet other researchers to chat about the end of term, about your resolutions for the new year and to enjoy some nibbles and drinks. We will be joined by Prof Tara Dean, the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise), some of the CORE directors and Brighton Futures leads, and you will also have the opportunity to talk informally to our colleagues in the Reseach and Enterprise and Social Partnerships office.



Tue 11 December 2018

13:00 – 16:00 GMT

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Huxley LT Foyer 326 & Lobby 323, MOULSECOOMB


We look forward to seeing you all there! Book here


Get involved with the research themes of the Brighton Futures

Are you familiar with the Brighton Futures yet? There are five themes – Connected, Creative, Healthy, Radical and Responsible, and the idea is that researchers join working teams of these research themes to develop collaborative bids, publications and so on. If you would like to get to know more about them and get involved, there are various events and initiatives under the Brighton Futures banner that may be of interest to you this summer:

In date order: 

Refugee and Migration Network Launch

Monday, 18 June, 10:00–16:00

Radical Futures – BOOK HERE

This event launches the Refugee and Migration Network at the University of Brighton, with the support of Radical Futures. Bringing together academics, students, community groups and policy makers to attempt to answer the question: What role and responsibilities do Universities have in relation to refugees?


Housing Forum

Wednesday, 20 June. 15:00–18:00

Radical Futures – BOOK HERE

Following on from the success of the launch event, this session will start looking at: What knowledge can we share about the housing situation in Brighton and Hove? What do we not know and need to find out?


Brighton Futures International Research and Enterprise Event (*Key note information now available)

Monday, 25 June. 14:30–19:30 – BOOK HERE

All Brighton Futures

This networking event and evening barbecue is aimed at all staff and postgraduate students undertaking research and enterprise who have international experience or would like to work internationally. More information is now available about the key note speaker


Transport Networking Lunch

Friday, 29 June. 12:30–14:30

Connected Futures – BOOK HERE

An opportunity for colleagues with similar interests from across the University of Brighton to meet each other, discuss ideas and identify possible further interdisciplinary research and enterprise collaborations specifically linked to Transport.

Healthy Futures Showcasing Event

Thursday, 5 July. 9:00–16:30 – BOOK HERE

Healthy Futures

A one-day showcase event where speakers will present, to a wide range of stakeholders, the original thinking and innovation that our investigators bring to address issues affecting our local community as well as the global population.

Develop: Research (*booking is now open)

Academic Track at Develop:Brighton Conference

Tuesday, 10 July 2018. 14:00–20:00. BOOK HERE

Note: There will be a conference fee to pay, £114 early bird ends at 23:00 on 25 June. Fee includes access to the session plus entrance to the Expo and Ice Breaker Drinks.

Connected Futures

This session at Develop:Brighton is supported and organised by Connected Futures and will include speakers from the University of Brighton and others who are involved in gaming, serious games, play and gamification research that has industry relevance.

Archives, Narratives and Histories Networking Lunch (*new date)

Tuesday, 17 July. 12:30–14:30. BOOK HERE 

Connected Futures

An opportunity for colleagues with similar interests from across the University of Brighton to meet each other, discuss ideas and identify possible further interdisciplinary research and enterprise collaborations specifically linked to Archives, narratives and histories.

Consortia Forming Workshop

Wednesday, 26 September. 14:00–16:00

Connected and Healthy Futures

Following on from the Digital Health Networking Lunch held on 23 May, more details to follow.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact FuturesAdmin@brighton.ac.uk

International Research and Enterprise Event, 25 June

I look forward to the International Research & Enterprise Event later this month, especially because I will have the opportunity to chair a session of interest to ECRs. At 5pm there will be a celebration of current international PhD students and ECRs, with two international PhD students taking about their experiences and research, and an early career researcher will talk about the transition from doing a PhD to being a researcher who works internationally. It will be great to hear about experiences and thoughts, so come along if you are an international ECR. This panel is followed by BBQ!

The full programme is here

Rising Stars 2018

After lots of anticipation, the winners of the sixth round of the internally-funded Rising Stars Initiative have been announced today. Awards of up to £10,000 each are being granted to assist researchers in gaining experience of managing and leading their own research projects. Although this is funding is not limited to ECRs, priority was given to ECRs.
What an amazing list of research project! Congratulations to all:
Dr Kirsten Jenkins (School of Environment and Technology) will explore the social justice challenges and values connected to smart energy systems in UK households, and the role of social justice principles in the design and implementation of such systems.
Dr Judy Price (School of Media) will test how photography, artist-moving image and sound can make visible through the overwritten histories and redrawn boundaries of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and emphasise the post-apartheid transition of this contested landscape.
Dr Joao Inacio Silva (School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences) will work with partners in the Pharmacy School of the University of Brasilia on fungi that produce asparaginase (a therapeutic agent enzyme used in treating cancers such as lymphoblastic leukaemia).
Dr Marlon Lee Moncrieffe (School of Education) will bring together oral life-history interviews, photographs and career memorabilia to present stories of Black-British born champions in cycling, considering how these stories help with reflecting upon and advancing education in society about race equality.
Dr Konstantina Vogiatzaki (School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics) will work with two UK companies in innovative energy system solutions, and model new tools for the use of liquid gases in transportation and power generation; these ‘cool’ sustainable energy technologies have the potential to revolutionise energy sustainability.
Dr Linda Tip (School of Applied Social Sciences) will conduct scoping research to inform the development of a self-help mental health app for use among Syrian resettled refugees in the UK.
Dr Lucas Bowler (School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences) will explore differences in protein expression between strains of the bacterium Streptococcus uberis, an increasingly important cause of mastitis in dairy herds, and consider its potential utility as vaccine component.
Dr Jaime Vera (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) will explore the experiences of young people with HIV in Zambia and consider whether mobile health may address structural and individual barriers to these young people’s engagement with care services.
Dr Sarah Leaney (School of Applied Social Sciences) will compare social housing policy in Brighton and Vienna, exploring social housing tenants’ experiences of home and how these are impacted by social, economic and architectural provision of social housing.
Dr Louise Mackenzie (School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences) will test compounds in Tabernanthe iboga, a plant whose root extract increases the amount of insulin produced in rat subjects. The active component will be used in developing a new drug to improve diabetes treatment in Gabon.
Dr Nick McGlynn (School of Environment and Technology) will explore the intersection of geographies of sexualities and fatness/obesity, developing a database of UK ‘Bear’ (large-bodied gay/bisexual men) spaces and investigating how these spaces contribute to feelings of empowerment in the Bear community.
Dr Nadia Terrazzini (School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences) will explore the link between cancer and fungal infections, focusing on how the skin reacts to the fungus Candida Albicans (a common cause of infection in human skin), by analysing the expression of key inflammatory proteins by skin cells in response to Candida stimulation.
Dr Donna Ewing (School of Applied Social Sciences) will investigate the impact of sleepiness on children’s reactions to anxiety-provoking situations, testing whether sleepy children avoid these situations more or less than other children, and whether their fear of these situations reduces more or less than other children over repeated exposure.

See more: https://staff.brighton.ac.uk/the-hub/Pages/Rising-Stars-2018—2019.aspx?dm_i=1SNX,5OD5B,L7VDK5,M35KS,1

Free networking lunches

Do sign up for free networking lunches hosted by Brighton Futures. Brighton Futures are committed to building cross-disciplinary research and enterprise capacity, promoting collaborations with external partners and encouraging responses to funding calls. The five themes are: ConnectedCreativeHealthyRadical and Responsible.

Networking lunches offer informal opportunities for colleagues with similar interests from across the University of Brighton to meet each other, discuss ideas and identify possible further interdisciplinary research and enterprise collaborations. Academic Leads from the Brighton Futures themes will give an overview and are keen to find out more about your current and planned research.

Networking lunches will be followed by regular consortia forming workshops with external partners every six months from the autumn. Information on forthcoming funding calls will be available at the events, as will support and advice from relevant Knowledge Exchange Managers. Events in June will take place between 12.30 and 2.30pm.

Archives, Narratives and Histories Networking Lunch – Friday 8 June

Transport Networking Lunch Friday – Friday 29 June

International Research and Enterprise Day – Monday 25 June

International Research and Enterprise Day – Monday 25 June 

Organised by the Brighton Futures, this event will bring together academics interested in, or with experience of, working internationally. Join us for presentations, workshops, discussions and a free evening barbecue to find out more about potential collaborations and post-Brexit funding opportunities.

A right to home: responding to the housing crisis – Symposium on Friday 8 June

A right to home: responding to the housing crisis – Friday 8 June

This symposium aims to bring together researchers of housing inequality across the UK. Supported by Radical Futures, this event explores the concept of a right to home from different perspectives, bringing together early career and established researchers, facilitating discussion and debate across disciplines of urban sociology, human geography, history, architecture and housing studies.

Rising Stars 2018-19 – Awards of up to £10,000 each

Deadline for applications: 2pm Wednesday 14th March 2018
 The University is pleased to announce the sixth round of the internally-funded Rising-Stars Initiative. Awards of up to £10,000 each are being offered to assist researchers in gaining experience of managing and leading their own research projects. Rising-Stars awards provide seed corn funding to support projects that are designed to leverage external funding, and which would make a step change to researchers’ careers.
The scheme is a university-wide initiative, and applications are invited from academic and research staff from all Schools. Rising-stars may be at any stage of their academic career, but priority will be given to researchers at the start of their career.
For more info see here