Applying for an ECHO grant: 2019

Students and staff from the School of Sport and Service Management are invited to apply for ECHO grants of four sizes

Small ECHO grant: up to £250

Medium ECHO grant: up to £500

Large ECHO grant: up to £1000

Extra Large ECHO grant: up to £3000

ECHO grants are funded by the generous donations of SASM alumni, and an allocation of funds set aside by the school. They are awarded to support extra-curricular projects which address one of three key themes: Promoting Excellence, Supporting the Community and Preserving the School’s Heritage.

Please note

  • When considering Large and Extra Large ECHO grants for students, the chair of the Social Partnerships Advisory Group will seek the support of the student’s course leader before confirming the award of the grant
  • Staff who bid for any size ECHO grant must include in their application a plan for student involvement in their project.
  • For staff applications; only staff who are permanent members of SASM staff (academic or professional) may apply.
  • All projects which receive ECHO funding must be completed by 30th June 2019
  • Following the closing date for applications, applicants will normally be expected to meet with the chair of the Social Partnerships Advisory Group to discuss next steps. Applicants for larger grants will usually be required to meet with a panel to share more information about their planned project, discuss financial arrangements in more detail and assist with the decision making process.
  • ECHO grant funding may not be used for
    • Student course fees for their fulltime main registered course (students may apply for funds to attend an enrichment course)
    • Permanent salaries (except where further staffing is required, specifically related to the delivery of the activity for which funding is applied for)
    • Accommodation or subsistence (unless essential to participate in the activity funding is applied for)
    • Hardship
    • Activities that support external charities unless clearly benefitting the school or student/staff involved
    • Activities that have already taken place
    • Religious or political activities

Please download the ECHO application form 2019, complete and return it by 12pm on Friday 8 March 2018 by email to Sarah Smith:

If you would like to discuss your ECHO grant idea before applying, please contact

For inspiration you can read about previous ECHO grant funded projects here.