Kick-Start and Fidget with James Wilton

DSC_0410An ECHO grant of £1000 awarded to Lucy Pocknell- Senior Lecturer at the School of Sport and Service Management- and the members of Kick-Start and Fidget for an artist in residence project.

23 dancers from year 3 and year 4 worked with two emerging professional contemporary

choreographers from the James Wilton Dance Company in parallel intensive choreographic workshops.

All students embraced a different way of working and enjoyed experiencing new techniques to build their vocabulary.  As emerging teachers, all felt they had gained a range of ideas and choreographic strategies to use in schools to physically challenge their pupils.

“… I enjoyed creating material from the improvisation process. I feel more confident in my ability to choreograph original movement “

The 2 new works were added to the company repertory which broadened their programme to be showcased. For predominantly a school based audience, the works inspired children and young people in the local community, provided ideas for the busy dance teacher and modelled excellence in both technical and expressive skills. The girls’ work showed an athleticism and physicality many teachers are striving to achieve with their pupils. Likewise, the boys continue to challenge perceived stereotypes about men and dance.

“ … a great experience to be part of … lots of ideas to take into schools, that will inspire the children” 

The funding was crucial to the project; it would not have been possible without it. The funds allowed us to invite emerging professional dancers in to the university at a realistic fee. The opportunity to work alongside professional dancers broadened the students experience, challenged their existing technique and exemplified the importance of working with professionals in the field as part of a high quality dance education.