HOTS: Passion 4 Hospitality

On Monday, the 12th of March 2018 International Hospitality Management top-up students; Irina Martinez Panina, Caroline Hettler, and Ina Peglow attended the Passion 4 Hospitality HOTS competition in London. ECHO funding made it possible for the three to travel to London for the event.

After a lot of confusion and changes before the competition the students were happy that they had finally made it and we were ready to take on the challenge. Once they arrived they realized that we were the youngest contestants, which made them quite nervous. However the hosts were extremely welcoming and offered them many tips.

Throughout the competition the students gained confidence, experimenting with the HOTS program – a game-like Hotel simulation which gave them first hand insights on how to operate a hotel at a managerial level. Throughout the day they had many ups and downs, but in the end they won third place overall, which was a great achievement for them!

We were thankful for the opportunities and learned a great deal about what it means to manage a hotel on the grand scale. I think the HOTS competition is a great way to explain hospitality management on a practical level, an insight not many students acquire during their studies” said Ina.

The parallel-ongoing Passion 4 Hospitality conference invited many interesting guest speakers. This and the insightful career fair gave Ina, Irina and Caroline many opportunities to speak to hospitality professionals. The entire event was a great chance for networking.

Reflecting on the opportunity Ina said “we were proud to represent the University of Brighton and strongly encourage the next generations of ambitious hospitality students to challenge themselves in upcoming Passion 4 Hospitality events”.