Flashes for Excellence

An ECHO grant of £919 was awarded to Maria Gebbels and Rodrigo Lucena de Mello –PhD students at the School of Sport and Service Management- to develop and deliver 30-minute learner-centred sessions based on hospitality topics.

The topics covered during the sessions were requested by the students receiving this additional input.


“Students felt empowered, as learning was not only an enjoyable experience but also something they were in charge of”

The learning programme of 12 sessions were led by more experienced students and hospitality experts, and were therefore the foundation of sharing of excellence in hospitality practice.

The sessions developed students’ skills, increasing employability. Student confidence was increased by involving them in decisions about session content and non-academic engagement. The gap was bridged between hospitality theory and practice.

 “It has been extremely rewarding to witness how first-year students have developed their passion for learning and hospitality”

Four students attended the debating competition at Passion for Hospitality in London. P4F is the largest annual student and hospitality industry networking event, run by the Institute of Hospitality.